We are delighted to announce that the first batch of Influencers have been featured on Trendblog. We have shared their styles for all of our community to see and get inspired. 

Within this feature we had all kinds of amazing participants. 
From large Influencers with over 350K Followers to smaller but gorgeously organised Accounts with crazy fashionable content.

Amazing street styles, classy outfits, late summer looks & even some amazing dresses that were showcased (and still are) on Trendblog.
You will find all these amazing looks in this article.
All of the hot snapshots got amazing ratings on Trendblog!
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For now, let's start by showing off some of the cool styles from our lovely Influencers that we shared over the last 10 days:

Look by James  
1. James - (View in Insta)
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One of the two guys in this Influencer-Batch.
Awesome causal street style. Thanks James :)


2. Tessa - (View in Insta)
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This is such a cute summer look that definitely reminds anyone of the sunny days.
We love the white top!


3. Beth (View in Insta)
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Now this is a serious nightlife look.
Gorgeous dress and a definite highlight in combination with the high heels <3


4. Nathja (View in Insta)
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"Serious woman in white street style."
Artsy yet hip, but for sure stunning.


5. Veron (View in Insta)
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This feature is especially nice because it is such a nice mix of a summer-look as well as a more classy "brunch-look". Perfect for a beautiful sunny, you feel it?


6. Sarah (View in Insta)
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The only really sportiv look in this batch!
Someone iss looking sharp on that longboard that's for sure ;)


7. Pierre (View in Insta)
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The second man featured on Trendblog.
Won't be the last, but most likely the most classy for now.
Great style! 


8. Vanessa (View in Insta)
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Lovely summer dress, especially the background makes the look really stand out <3


9. Natali (View in Insta)
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Now with this cute outfit it feels like we are teleported to Paris.
Okay... maybe the small Eiffel Tower helps ;) 

10. Amanda (View in Insta)
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This post shows a little less, never the less the combination of flower blouse on the classy green skirt makes for an awesome fit.


11. Chynara (View in Insta)
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The only featured "Vintage" look in this 1st Batch.
But god, do we love it. How great are the shoes... and what a necklace...


12. Kamile (View in Insta)
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Again, another casual style by lovely Kamile.
Simple, cute. Looking good in everyday life :) 


13. Dominique (View in Insta)
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A typical European street style.
Blue denim topped off with a rockin' black leather jacket!
Yas girl...


14. Doina (View in Insta)
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Now this, noboy can deny, is some serious summer treat :O
Look at that 2 piece, in combination with some heeled moon-boots in the sunshine... on a rooftop... 


15. Katie (View in Insta)
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Not on a rooftop, but just as amazing is this summer dress by Katie, that...
at least it looks like.... she shared from a nice exotic place <3


16. Tia (View in Insta)
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Street, street, street.... but classy!!
What more to say? Gucci on ripped jeans...?
Hell yeah girl <3


17. Beatriz (View in Insta)
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This is a very classy look that was shared from a serious photo-shoot! 
White blazer, no... white entire-outfit + soo much bling. 
Business woman, yes please. We love it !


18. Sophie (View in Insta)
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Why does this remind us of Hollywood....
Looking like a star in disguise. Casual but never not fashionable ;) 


19. Cece (View in Insta)
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Yep, fall is coming... and how to better greet the old friend than with such an amazing look. Olive shirt on caramel heels...? We wanna see more of that!

20. Rebecca (View in Insta)
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Slowly coming to an end this week we featured this absolutely stunning neon two piece by Rebecca. This just screams "look at me", but omg yes we will!!
Who wouldn't ? ;)


21. Billie (View in Insta)
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The last, but definitely not least outfit this batch was this high-fashion fit by Billie!
White high heels gliding through the streets of manhattan on a leather skirt held together by huge metal pieces.... yes, yes yes! 5/5 <3


We are really exited about this first batch and happy so many of you amazing Trendsetters joined us!  Thank you all for participating and have a lovely September!

? Which outfits did you guys like the most ?

Let us know in the comments or get Trendblog to rate
& influencer fashion trends!

Much love, 
The Trendblog Team 💙


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