At Trendblog, we believe that every label or brand should be able to showcase their products to the right customers. 
Get started and promote your label to the Trendblog community.

Register as brand and showcase your products to thousands of users.

Below you find all possible campaigns. After the purchase, you will receive voucher codes directly on your email. These can then be used inside the App to promote a post (piece of content).
To use promotions you first need to upgrade your account from within your profile inside the app to a brand account
(don't worry this is 100% free of charge).
Then simply add your voucher when you create a new post, you are free to choose any link. For example you can redirect people to a brand web-shop or a specific product.

You will also be able to specify the target audience, age-group & location of users.

We offer 2 kinds of campaigns:

Time based campaigns
Here you can purchase a slot (post) and the promotion will run until the amount of time is reached. (Targeting your specifications)

Click based campaigns
Here the promotion will run until the purchased amount of clicks is reached. (Targeting your specifications)


For questions or larger campaigns, feel free to reach out to: